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A dental implant is an artificial root differently, usually made of titanium, used in dentistry to support reconstruction that resemble a tooth or group of teeth to replace missing teeth or fill gaps in the teeth. Virtually all implants are placed today endosseous root form implants, i.e., they appear similar to the real root of the tooth and are placed in the bone.



Modern implant treatment using special implants , biomaterials and Guided Bone Regeneration is safe, effective and can achieve excellent aesthetic and functional . Previously, millions of people with missing teeth decided to implement the bridge, now have a choice .


The demand is huge: statistically every adult person in middle age is missing tooth 2.7 and almost 5 million elderly people do not have any teeth . What is the best strategy for aesthetic close the gaps ? Financial and technological efforts in the regular bridge and implant are very diverse. Especially if the patient has enough bone .



In the case of a young patient who complement one missing tooth unit bridge , you will need to double or triple its replacement in their lifetime . It will be due to caries or tooth fractures . The initial cost of completing the single implant can be no more than supplement the three-point bridge , but after seven years to compensate for these costs .


Although implants may initially seem expensive , after adding up all the expenses associated with traditional dental treatment , most of us would agree that it is worth investing in implants .

Thanks to new technologies , virtual planning of the operation, no pain during the procedure and technique of Guided Bone Regeneration many people liberated from the prejudices of implants. New nano -titanium surfaces firmly anchor the artificial tooth root in the jaw , so that an increased durability. According to recent studies the probability that an implant with a bridge for 10 years, will stay stable in the bone is about 93%. Standard ground tooth crown holds on average in 87 % of cases.


Epoch-making progress dentists make a revolution in the perception of third teeth - where in the past talk about missing teeth was considered a taboo subject , it now supplies prosthetic implants has become a status symbol . Implants with crowns look very similar to natural teeth usually look better than the original. Anyone looking for a good job needs beautiful teeth. No other signal can not recognize someone more than just a charming smile. Research proves that look callers already in the first few seconds of a call is directed to the mouth . If you get there is a disarming smile , his owner is practically a winning position .


Accept mandibular bone implant suitable physical properties so that it is completely inert to the metal human tissue and can grow together firmly with the bone.



Crowns, which are responsible for the appearance of the implant is usually made of porcelain, but there are also all-ceramic.


Osseointegration is a fusion of the implant surface with the surrounding bone. The implants will fuse with bone, however they lack the periodontal ligament, so they feel a bit different from natural teeth during chewing.


Implants may be used to support a number of dental prostheses including crowns, bridges or dentures implant supported and can also be used as anchor orthodontic tooth.


The use of implants allows for movement of the teeth without interaction. Implants help us to maintain a full dentition, are not subject to decay and do not break like natural teeth.


Establishment of the implant occurs during anesthesia. After surgery, most commonly administered painkillers.

The written treatment plan/cost estimate is always prepared after a detailed examination performed by our experienced specialists at our clinic and analyzing of the panoramic X-ray.

We are happy to prepare a preliminary treatment plan/cost estimate if you send us your panoramic X-ray by e-mail or mail.

Below you can find some examples of prices for the most popular dental treatments.



Procedure Average UK price
(on the basis of dental offices' web sites)
Average INDEXMEDICA price Your average savings
Examination (excluding X-Rays) 70 £ Free 70 £
Cosmetic consultation 130 £ Free 130 £
Implant consultation 150 £ Free 150 £
Digital small X-Ray 35 £ Free 35 £
Panoramic X-Ray 60 £ Free 60 £
White filling 125 £ 59 £ 66 £
Teeth whitening home 400 £ 115 £ 285 £
Teeth whitening office 600 £ 213 £ 387 £
Inlay 550 £ 218 £ 332 £
Veneer 600 £ 213 £ 387 £
Crown (Metal based porcelain) 470 £ 220 £ 250 £
Crown (Full ceramic) 800 £ 320 £ 480 £
Root canal treatment per canal 250 £ 85 £ 165 £
Extraction (not surgical) 80 £ 60 £ 20 £
Long term temporary acrylic denture 525 £ 267 £ 258 £
Frame denture 800 £ 490 £ 310 £
Implant (screw) 1700 £ 398 £ 1302 £
Implant (complete price including crown) 2500 £ 891 £ 1609 £
1) Conventional technique: titanium implant + healing ring + titanium abutment + ceramic fused to metal crown


On signing the treatment plan, before commencing each stage of treatment, we kindly ask the patient to pay a deposit of 60% of the total price for that stage. The balance is then due at the end of each stage of treatment at the Clinic.

Payment for your treatment could be made by cash (in Pounds, Euros or Polish Złoty) or by card (only in Polish Złoty). We do not accept American Express or Diners Club cards. Should you use debit or credit card, please make sure before your trip, that your bank has not set up any day limits. If so, it is your responsibility to have enough money on your last day to settle the balance of your bill.



We  accept  credit or debit cards.



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