Dental Treatment in Poland

Dental surgery and treatment in Poland offer a full range of dental treatment from preventative care , dental procedures and services, including cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry, periodontal care, restorative care and prosthetic care up to emergency appointments to meet our patients' needs at very competitive prices!





We provide a professional service on a personal basis and keep at the forefront of modern dental techniques. We encourage children to visit us from an early age to get used to coming to the dentist and to avoid dental problems.



Our partners clinics are situated in the biggest cities in Poland.

We are all sensitive to the patients’ needs in order to deliver the best quality service adapted to the patients’ individual requirements. This is why dentistry abroad with is a memorable and painless experience. We offer all the dental services required to give you a healthy and beautiful smile and improve your teeth health condition.



We strongly recommend dental implants,teeth whitening, crowns , fillings, teeth extraction, root canal treatment and bone reconstruction.



Contact us today for a FREE consultation! - we'll help you to achieve the beautiful smile you've always dreamed of. Contact us today for a free consultation - we'll help you to achieve the beautiful smile you've always dreamed of. !


Below are a list of the basic and most popular treatments along with indicative prices:

  • Review and audit of the mouth-free Consultation 15
  • Tooth filling 30 - 70 €
  • Anesthesia conventional 5€
  • Fill a milk tooth colored seal 25 - 40 €
  • The removal of the stone from fluoridation 50 €
  • Full hygienisation (removal of stone, sand blasting, polishing, fluoride) 60 €

Root canal treatment under the microscope

  • The root canal anesthesia, photos rvg FREE! Tooth channel 100 €
  • Tooth multi-channel (each channel) 60 - 80 €
  • Surgical removal of a tooth 30 - 40 €
  • Removing milk tooth 20 - 30 €
  • Surgical removal of a tooth 70 €


  • Consultation 10 €
  • Stage Surgery: Implant Implant 500 - 800 €
  • Bone regeneration from 400 €
  • Regeneration of alveolar 150 €
  • Step prosthetic: Crown metalloceramics on the connector Titanium 500 €
  • Ceramic crown on a connector ceramic 800 €
  • Temporary crown on a temporary connector 140 €
  • Implants is a treatment complex - a detailed price list and treatment plan to present during a free consultation visit.
  • prosthetics Crown veneered with porcelain 200 €
  • Ceramic crown Cercon 400 €
  • Ceramic facing 300 €
  • Onlays / inlays porcelain 300 €
  • Denture 200 €
  • Skeletal prosthesis 300 -400 €
  • Orthodontics Orthodontic Consultation 25 €
  • Braces mobile 550 - 700 zł
  • Control of the camera moving 80 zł
  • Braces constant 1700 zł
  • Camera Control permanent one art 150 zł
  • Control of both arches fixed device 200 zł


We are happy to take care of health, a beautiful smile and well-being of our patients.

-dental treatment teeth up to Estetic Dentristy


- dental surgery

- entodontics

- prothetics

- orthodontics

- RTG (digital quality)

- Teeth whitening

Prosthetics, surgery, pedodentistry, gum treatment, till orthodentistry

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Physician Specialist will review medical records and history of the disease and its current course.

Then a treatment plan will be prepared and a preliminary visit to the surgery.

Your doctor may suggest that the necessary laboratory tests before the surgery.