Epi-LASIK laser eye correction

In our institution performs Aug. laser vision correction treatments. We have advanced tools that allow us to accurately correct vision

Qualify for surgery:

Before performing surgery is needed detailed medical consultation and a number of specialized cell research to check whether a person is eligible for surgery. The qualification has two stages:

- 1st stage (specialist eye examination) takes place at the Medical Centre in Szczecin
- Phase 2 (additional corneal topography) takes place immediately before surgery in a hospital MSW Street. Jagiellonian University in Szczecin

By using our facility , do not have to worry about the long waiting time for surgery. Note however that 2-3 weeks before it must not wear contact lenses while on treatment should take care of it , to be fully healthy.

Now only safe method of vision correction Epi - LASIK is the promotion
Original price : 700 €/ eye

Now 600 € / eye


For the treatment of superficial we can include Epi - LASIK - modern method of laser vision correction ,applied successfully in all the leading centers in Europe.

Surgeon during the Epi - LASIK uses precise tool called epikeratomem to gently separate the epithelium ( epithelium ) , leaving a smooth surface prepared for the operation of the laser. Cornea, but not the deeper layers as in the case of LASIK , a laser is then modeled .

During the healing process of epithelial cells regenerate quickly , and the results of control of visual acuity are very good

Epi-LASIK is a refractive surgery technique designed to reduce a person's dependency on eyeglasses and contact lenses.


It can be better considered as superficial LASIK. The stromal bed is smoother than that obtained by mechanical methods or brush. Unlike alcohol (LASEK) there is no chance of damaging the limbal stem cells. It is also relatively less painful than LASEK.



Epi-LASIK involves cutting a very thin flap of tissue from the epithelium that covers the front of the eye's surface (also called the cornea).


With Epi-LASIK the surgeon uses epithelial separator to separate the sheet from the eye. After the epithelial separator has created this ultra thin flap the flap is lifted and carefully folded back. The following,next step involves using an excimer laser as is used in conventional LASIK.



The laser treatment then reshapes the surface of the eye. The epithelial flap is gently repositioned back on the eye and a contact lens bandage may be required after the surgery to assist with the healing process. After Epi-LASIK surgeon, like regular LASIK eye surgery a patient typically enters the post-operative period where close attention is needed.



Most Epi-LASIK patients are not as comfortable in this initial post-operative period as they are with LASIK.

Traditional LASIK offers better initial improvement


We invite you to laser eye correction in Poland!

Eye surgery


Please keep in mind, that the quotation is only a guide. The actual cost of treatment and length of stay in hospital may differ depending on the presence of any associated condition and will be evaluated individually by the doctor after the initial consultation.



Prices for hospital treatment in Poland are highly competitive, not at the expense of the quality of medical service, but principally due to lower wages and costs of living in Poland.


Prices for surgery in "Dom Lekarski" can be 50% to 80% lower than for corresponding treatment in the western countries!


Patient benefits

  •  very safe for the eyes - leaves intact Bowman's layer, a short time epikeratomu
  • completely removes the epithelium in 8 sec.,
  • smooth, precise operation leaves no residual tissue cells
  • acceleration of healing - the minimum interference epikeratomu allows tissue to rapid, complete   healing, leaving no scars,
  • patient comfort - a short, painless convalescence,
  • natural to the body - completely cured, flexible epithelium of the eye properly innervated.


EpiClear a multi blade for removing the corneal epithelium prior to laser vision correction procedures. EBK is a modern alternative to the method currently used Epi-LASIKU and SBK LASIKU. Epikeratom allows surgeons to perform safe removal of the epithelial layer of the cornea through his delicate "sweeping".


EpiClear tool removed epithelial cells are collected to the tip of a cup-shaped, leaving them on the surface of the cornea. EBK procedure leaves a layer of Bowman's completely intact with clear and bright edges, which generates a rapid increase in peripheral epithelium. All this is to shorten the recovery time after the treatment and reduction of pain during treatment epithelium.


Methods - why we recommend Epi - LASIK and innovative method EBK ?

Laser vision correction has the second decade offers us a perfect vision , reducing or eliminating glasses or contact lenses . FDA ( Food and Drug Administration ) , recognized worldwide institution issuing the authorization for placing medicines and foods on the market , approved in 1995, the treatment of myopia by PRK . In general it should be assumed that vision correction is to appropriate shaping of the cornea - the transparent and more pronounced as the watch glass outer tissues of the eye. The cornea is composed of 5 layers of cells of different thicknesses.


The surgeon during surgery removes the thin outermost layer , the so-called . epithelium , and then shapes the deeper layers of the cornea. The differences between the methods of vision correction result primarily from the process and the quantities of the outer tissue removed . The first officially approved method - PRK , is a durable , mechanical removal of the epithelium. Unfortunately, this method has not won universal recognition because patients complained of significant post-operative discomfort and a slow return to functional vision. This has slowed the development of laser vision correction . A more refined method is LASEK . During the treatment LASEKu ethanol solution is used to separate the epithelium.


In the search for greater social acceptance of laser vision correction , doctors adopted a new procedure known as LASIK . In the case of LASIK , an instrument called a microkeratome is used to cut relatively thick corneal flap being unwound aside. The surgeon then removed , as with other methods , a suitable amount of the cornea, and then places the petal to its original position .





1. consultation incl. eye examination              120 PLN         28 €        37£        24 $


2. Pre-admission consultations and tests       300 PLN       70 €            60 £          90


3. EBK                                                       2900 PLN     674 €          580 £         880 $                


4. Epi-LASIK                                               2700 PLN      628 €         540 £          818 $    




All prices of procedures are given for one eye.