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Breast augmentation surgery ...

Our plastic and reconstructive surgeons, offer breast augmentation as a part of cosmetic surgery.

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Breast augmentation is requested by women for several different reason

It may be a purely cosmetic procedure performed on both breasts to increase a small cup size to boost self-confidence.

Sometimes only one breast may need enlarging so that it matches the other breast to treat breast asymmetry.

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that is used female breast correction both in terms of their size and shape.

The most commonly used breast implants or own (autologous) fat.



Breast enlargement using their own (autologous) fat.

Increasingly, breast augmentation surgery is used to graft his own body fat.

This procedure consists in fat cells transplanted from other parts of the body, for example, from the abdomen to the breast tissue.

Due to the prevention of oncological treatment should be preceded by consultation oncology in order to exclude an increased risk of developing breast cancer.

Many times before implantation fat breasts are expandable using a vacuum apparatus Brava.

This method produced an additional space within the breast tissue increased blood supply.

This method increases the percentage of survival of transplanted adipose tissue and improves the final result of cosmetic surgery.


Filling breast adipose tissue consists of two procedures performed on the same day:

firstly, separation of fat and secondly, the distribution of fat in the breasts

To begin, a significant amount of fat is removed manually (without the aid of any machine) using a small syringe.

Then, the fat is collected and processed by centrifugation specially to separate the unwanted parts (blood, oil, water)

Then the fat is injected carefully through four small incisions.



Filling breast adipose tissue has many advantages in comparison with implants, but the main ones are as follows:

* Fat is completely natural substance that comes from our own body

  * The collected fat may be used to increase np.piersi

  * Breasts can be carved and shaped

  Produced minimal incision surgery podcas this, which naturally reduces the possibility of scarring

* Implanted fat to the breast can be used to disguise breast implants that do not look natural ...






Breast Enlargement 3000 € without Implant
Implant 1000 - 2000
Breast Lift 3000
Breast Reduction 4000
Breast Capsulectomy 2000
Ginekomasty or Lipomasty 1500
Arm Lift 2000
Thigh Lift 2000