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About Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy is a type of orthopedic surgery for the holding of the operations within the joint without a large surgical cut, with the help of special equipment.

This equipment (arthroscope) consists of a camera - a small optical transmitting an image of the inside of the pond to the monitor, and various small surgical instruments introduced through two small cuts the skin.



Use the treatment of orthopedic operating locomotive organs in a comfortable environment, under the supervision of experienced doctors-specialists in the field of Orthopedics in Poland

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How Much Does Arthroscopic Knee Surgery in Poland Cost?

Arthroscopic knee surgery will cost, on average, around 1,300 €
Costs may be depending on hospital fees, and area.
It is best to consult us for an accurate price.


Our doctors are making arthroscopic knee surgery


In English, arthroscopy is called "keyhole surgery" means treatment through the keyhole, which well reflects its character. This innovative technology reduces the patient's stay in hospital (usually one day, sometimes up to one day), and avoids the lengthy and burdensome for the patient plaster immobilization.


Also, the period of rehabilitation and recovery is significantly reduced, because with minimally invasive surgical technique can begin rehabilitation almost immediately after surgery.


Currently, the House of Medicine physicians perform arthroscopic reconstructive procedures following joints:

  • Shoulder (stabilization of the damaged labrum, "shift" bags for joint multi instability, remplissage, or tenodezę podgrzebieniowego tendon, reconstruction of damaged anterior-lower edge of the acetabulum, reconstruction of damaged tendons of the rotator cuff, biceps tenodezę, capsulotomy 360 degrees in the case of frozen shoulder) ,
  • Knee (reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament, posterior, to co-wielowięzadłowe reconstruction, reconstruction of the patellofemoral ligament medial meniscus damaged sewing, meniscus transplantation using implants poliuretanowch, meniscal reconstruction using a collagen membrane, reconstruction of damaged articular cartilage, ligament revision reconstruction)
  • Hip (art of the neck and the acetabular roof in case of conflict neck-acetabular reconstruction of the damaged labrum, removal of loose bodies),
  • Ankle (plastic front edge of the tibia and the neck of the talus in the conflict front, reconstruction of damaged articular cartilage, controlled arthroscopic ankle arthrodesis of the upper ankle and heel, deepening the furrows peroneal tendons in their instability, removal of loose bodies, the treatment of tendon entrapment team tibialis posterior, the treatment team Haglund)
  • Wrist - Wrist arthroscopy in Poland dealing with only a few specialists (ganglion removal, artrolize joint reconstruction of the complex triangular cartilage, the administration of stem cells under the control of an arthroscope into the scaphoid pseudarthrosis, the administration of stem cells under the control of an arthroscope into the lunate bone in Kienbocka disease, diagnosis ligamentous injury)





1. Arthroscopy 1,000-1,300 € *
2. Arthroscopic meniscal sewing from 1,500 € **
3. Arthroscopic reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament 2,200 €
4. Arthroscopic reconstruction of posterior cruciate ligament 2,500 €
5. Reconstructions multi ligamentous - Priced individually, depending on the amount and type of ligament requiring surgery to agree

6. Habitual dislocation of the patella 2,200 €
7. Meniscus transplant 4,500 - 6,000 €
8. Meniscus Transplantation of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction 5,000 - 6,000 €
9. Reconstruction of the meniscus with the collagen membrane from 3,500 € **
10. Knee replacement (arthroplasty) 5,000 -6,000

We have here a modern operating room and air-conditioned rooms with private bathrooms adjacent to them.



Our patients are surrounded hour care professional medical team, and direct access to the Intensive Care Unit in the hospital is one of the factors that makes us different to other private centers in Poland!



What we offer is a modern orthopedics and we must admit that our center more confident includes leading position in the region in the field of minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery method.

This is mainly due to the surgeons, who build the dynamic development of modern operating techniques and by training from the best specialists in the country and abroad, form a group of the most talented orthopedic surgeons of the younger generation in our province



Dr. Peter Kominiak next formal clinical preparation, has extensive operational experience in the techniques of arthroscopic knee and shoulder.

Dr. Kominiak gained experience in clinics and the UK now has the highest number of procedures performed among surgeons Szczecin.



We offer arthroscopic procedures: knee, shoulder and ankle and arthroplasty, or joint replacements: hip and knee.

We are carried out also hallux valgus correction, the so-called. hallux treatments performed by Dr. Paul Bak.

We use the equipment and implants renowned global companies.


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