Liposuction -Tummy tuck

Liposuction in Poland in 3 days !!

Liposuction removes troublesome, diet-resistant collections of fat to reshape your body

What is Liposuction?


Liposuction is defined as the removal of fat from deposits beneath the skin using a hollow stainless steel tube (called a cannula) with the assistance of a powerful vacuum. Liposuction can be accomplished either with the use of general anesthesia, or with heavy IV sedation, or totally by local anesthesia. This site considers both the benefits and the potential dangers of local anesthesia and of systemic anesthesia.



Our Clinic offers a wide range of procedures of Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetology. In this fast developing area success depends not only on continuous learning and studying new procedures, but above all, on performance of perfect procedures.



Due to the fact that in our clinic the procedures are performed by surgeons , you receive highest quality product. Our employees are constantly learning, gaining more qualifications to serve as good as possible with their professionalism, advice and widely defined understanding.

Step one: Qualification for a procedure

To qualify for a procedure you need to send us your photos (without face) of the area or areas in which you want to proceed on.


You can ask questions about the treatment. Basing on photos our doctor will express his opinion on possibilities of the procedure and which of 8 liposuction types would be the best for you.




If you make up your mind that you want to have the procedure than in next mail you wil get pre- and postprocedure recommendations with necessary check-up list.




If you have any trouble making tests in your country you can have them done here before the procedure.




Step two:  Journey, airport, hotel (first day of stay)

We ensure recieving the patient from the airport, transport to the hotel and clinic. Nearby (400 meters) there is modern and comfortable hotel which our clinic cooperates with. 


Step three:  Procedure Depending on earlier establishment with the patient, the liposuction procedure can be performed during the first or the second day of stay.



Afterwards patient will be given special compressive clothing and meds. About an hour after the procedure itself patient can leave the clinic and they will be transported to the hotel. During stay in the hotel patient is in constant contact with the doctor (also during the night).


The day after the procedure patient will be transported to the clinic for clothings change and if there are no others contraindications and patient feels healthy enough they can go back home the same day.



We recommend to stay in the hotel at least for one more day to recover so the return journey is easier and more comfortable.


Price list:

Belly -  1100 GBP

Waist -  805 GBP

Internal thighs -  805 GBP

External thighs -  905 GBP

Knees -  605 GBP

Back -  705 GBP

Arms -  605 GBP

Gynecomastia -  705 GBP

Chin - 405 GBP

Chin+hamsters -  605 GBP

Beauli - breasts enlargement with own fat 605 GBP + cost of given liposuction



Liposuction is most often performed in epidural anesthesia, the lumbar. The main advantage of liposuction as a field of plastic surgery, is the fact that once removed fat from a specific part of the body is not recovering again.


This process is therefore naturally irreversible.



Liposuction surgery is very helpful in body shaping and weight loss is not a process. After the procedure is applied to a special compression garment with which decrease swelling and shrink the skin more easily.


The best results are obtained after surgery in patients who are typical physique and for example one with a lot of their body is too over-extended ...


Effects surely affect our mood and will fully satisfy us.



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