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 Below list of the basic and most popular treatments with indicative prices

  • Review and audit of the mouth-Free Consultation !
  • Tooth filling 30 - 70 €
  • Anesthesia conventional 5 €
  • Fill a milk tooth colored seal 25 - 40 €
  • The removal of the stone from fluoridation 50 €
  • Full hygienisation (removal of stone, sand blasting, polishing, fluoride) 60 €

Root canal treatment under the microscope

  • The root canal anesthesia, photos rvg FREE!
  • Tooth channel 100 €
  • Tooth multi-channel (each channel) 60 - 80 €
  • Surgical removal of a tooth 30 - 40 €
  • Removing milk tooth 20 - 30 €
  • Surgical removal of a tooth 70 €


  • Consultation Free
  • Stage Surgery: Implant Implant 500 - 800 €
  • Bone regeneration from 400 €
  • Regeneration of alveolar 150 €
  • Step prosthetic: Crown metalloceramics on the connector Titanium 500 €
  • Ceramic crown on a connector ceramic 800 €
  • Temporary crown on a temporary connector 140 €
  • Implants is a treatment complex - a detailed price list and treatment plan to present during a free consultation visit.
  • prosthetics Crown veneered with porcelain 200 €
  • Ceramic crown Cercon 400 €
  • Ceramic facing 300 €
  • Onlays / inlays porcelain 300 €
  • Denture 200 €
  • Skeletal prosthesis 300 -400 €
  • Orthodontics Orthodontic Consultation 25 €
  • Braces mobile 120- 180 €
  • Control of the camera moving 20 €
  • Braces constant 450 €
  • Camera Control permanent one art 40 €
  • Control of both arches fixed device 50 €

We are happy to take care of health, a beautiful smile and well-being of our patients.


Visit Krakow


 1. ABOUT KRAKOW...Places to visit:

Krakow is the fourth largest city in Poland and also the capital of the “Malopolska” region in the southeast of the country, between the Jura uplands and the Tatra Mountains.


For centuries it was the capital of Poland until it lost its dominant role over 400 years ago, when King Sigismund III Vasa moved the royal court from Krakow to Warsaw.



Krakow is still the magical city, located on the banks of the Wisła River, with one of the best-preserved medieval city centers in Europe.


The city has dozens of churches covering almost every architectural period and one of the oldest Universities in Europe, Jagiellonian University.


The city has an unforgettable atmosphere and is listed as one of the 12 sites on the UNESCO World Heritage list.


City life focuses around the Market Square, the second largest in Europe where The Cloth Hall known as “Sukiennice” is located.




The City Centre bustles with life with a multitude of shops, pubs, restaurants and cafes making this extraordinary atmosphere.



  • Sukiennice (Cloth Hall in Krakow 1358-1555 )listed building located in the central part of the Main Market Square in Krakow.
  • Barbakan-the Barbican is a medieval, gothic urban fortification, which was part of the city walls of Krakow.



  • Wawel Castle was the seat of the prince and the royal and political center of the State Polish. It was built on the left bank of the river south of the city invested. Wawel is a limestone hill in the city center, on the Vistula-old symbol of the Polish capital



  • Wieliczka-The salt mine in Wieliczka-Salt Mine "Wieliczka" salt mine in Wieliczka near Krakow - Wieliczka salt mine is one of the oldest human culture material. Since 1978 was added to the first UNESCO World Heritage List. This old mine - is older than her only mine in the nearby Bochni - works to this day without a break since the thirteenth century, it creates a whole lot of tunnels, caves, galleries and corridors, underground lakes, extending over a total length of of 300 km, and lying on the 9 levels, at depths ranging from 64 to 327 meters underground. Mine has a unique microclimate, which comprises - beside high humidity and sodium chloride content - the constant temperature (9-12 ° C), pressure, and high ionization in the air content of potassium, magnesium and calcium. It promotes conducted at a depth of 135 meters, in the chamber Lake Wessel, turnusom rehabilitation for people with diseases of the upper respiratory tract



Krakow is the town extraordinary, unusual, unique.

The magic lies in wait here at every turn and every monument steeped in poetry.



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