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Welcome to the Poland in the medical tourism, in which we propose to use the treatment in reputable, verified and certified hospitals and medical clinics that offer treatments in plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, ophthalmology, dentistry, sanatorium treatment, rehabilitation, treatment of infertility, and many more ...


In Polish surgeonsare doctors with an excellent international reputation

Best Doctors provides access to the best medical minds in the world. You can be sure you're getting the right diagnosis, the right treatment and the right care



Look forward to Polish doctors and qualified professionals-professionally prepared for their jobs, people who have the knowledge and experience you can expect during treatment in Poland.



We will help you organize travel and accommodation for the duration of the treatment, we will arrange a personal guardian and determine the state term treatment.




Competitive and attractive prices, short waiting time for treatment, and a high quality of service for dentists, plastic surgeons, orthopedic surgeons and surgeons specializing in ophthalmology are additional advantages, to choose Poland as the destination to improve their health.




Poland is among the countries where it is the cheapest dental treatment and prophylaxis as compared with other countries are as much as 30-50% lower!


The level of service at these centers does not differ much from the listings reputable clinics in other European countries. There are promising treatments in Poland prices much cheaper than in the World!!




Our priorities are quality of service operations, security, trust and visible and long-term effects of treatment in our clinics. We use an individual approach to each patient and offer a variety of treatment options so that they correspond to each patient for medical, aesthetic and financial.




          fat grifting surgery in Poland


We offer our patients a comprehensive treatment of all health anomalies that require immediate treatment. According to our postulate, our mission is to provide you with comprehensive service and support when choosing the right kind of treatment to ensure the best health care.




Establishment costs seals in Polish dentist is the cost of 120 zł (30), as many as three times cheaper than in England!


The correct your vision optometrist in Poland suggests about 3 thousand. Zł (700)


By-pass surgery in Poland is valued at 12 thousand. Zł (€ 4,000).




Breast augmentation plastic surgery Polish is an expense of 2,500.


When deciding on treatment in Poland, you save on average from 3000 to 5000 €.


Medical tourism in Poland is growing rapidly as evidenced by the ever increasing number of users of our services, foreign customers.


It is also worth mentioning that dentists from Germany, England or Italy, using the same materials, implants and work on the same equipment and under the same conditions as their Polish doctors.



We invite you to take advantage of our combined treatment of health tourism!


 Patient (customer) guide:

If you decide for treatment in Poland, our medical agency will do our best to help you to arrange your stay,please read as following:

  • Support by arranging your treatment at one of the best Medical Clinics that we cooperating and that offer high quality and personal by treatment to International patients

  • Correspondence between the doctor who will be consulting and treating you and also present him your treatment booking, pictures of the hospital and so on… 

  • Helping by Airport pick-up and transfer to hotel for you and friends or family 

  • Helping by finding accommodation in **** or ***** hotel or any other appartment

  • Providing Optional sight-seeing tours and recuperation holidays

Please contact us on our website about your needs and we will answer as soon as possible...!

We do care about your health... 

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