DENTINEO Cosmetic Dentistry Gdansk

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DENTINEO Cosmetic Dentistry Gdansk

Name: DENTINEO Cosmetic Dentistry Gdansk
Street L E S Z C Z Y N O W A 90 U/2
City 80-175 Gdańsk
province: kujawsko-pomorskie
telephon: 721901500
  We speaking: polski     angielski    


Dental treatment is not only a "tiresome seal the hole in the tooth." All organs of the body are interrelated and form a coherent whole.

The oral cavity often determines the condition of the entire body - her health has an impact even in distant organs such as the heart, kidneys and joints.

Therefore, I offer my patients thorough and comprehensive treatment, so that more regular visits to the Cabinet of Dentistry DentiNeo, were merely monitoring visits and hygienic

Welcome to our dental clinic in Gdansk, Dr.Adam Bielawski


  • Endodontic treatment under a microscope

  • Crown

  • veneers

  • Most Prosthetic

  • No tooth implants

  • periodontal treatment

  • Scaling / Sandblasting

  • Treatment of caries

  • Complement INLAY / onlay

  • Painless extraction / disposal of eights

  • Treatment of gingival recession

  • Extending crowns

  • painless anesthesia

  • Aesthetic Dentistry

  • Porcelain veneers

  • Crowns , bridges, all-ceramic and metal .

  • Uzupelnieniea ceramic inlays , onlays .

  • Implants proven reputable manufacturers Denstply Implants and Neo Biotech

  • Immediate implantation , implantation of the implant immediately after tooth extraction .

  • Restoration of tooth immediate post-implantation , in the case sprzyjajaccyh clinical terms .

All treatments performed under local anesthesia in a computer quick sleeper and the larger .
We work with booty and microscope -treatment of periodontitis , closed curettage open, controlled regeneration of soft tissue and bone , zabigi augumentacyjne after extraction of teeth , surgical crown lengthening teeth , gums corrections , covering gingival recession ( exposed necks )

Result of our works



Dr.Adam Bielawski

ADAM BIELAWSKI- dentist. A graduate of the Medical University of Gdansk in 2006. Since graduation he has gained experience working with several modern dental offices and participating in numerous courses and trainings. deals with conservative treatment, surgery, endodontics and prosthodontics.


Dr. Adam Bielwaski is an experienced dentist, boasting numerous diplomas and certificates that confirm his rich experience and acquired knowledge


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Add: 29.04.2014 - 23:01     Author: iwona
Doktor Adam to wspaniały, perfekcyjny i delikatny dentysta. Jego pracę cechuję pełen profesjonalizm. Sama korzystam z jego usług od kilku lat ze znakomitym efektem i w tym czasie uratował mój nie jeden ząb. Szczerze go polecam znajomym. Każda wizyta przebiega w miłej atmosferze a zabiegi są praktycznie bezbolesne. Doktorowi bardzo zależy na komforcie i zadowoleniu pacjenta. Bardzo polecam na przyszłość. Moim zdaniem to najlepszy dentysta w Gdańsku.
Add: 3.05.2014 - 17:44     Author: ewa
Dr. Bielawski pracuje szybko i bezboleśnie. Płacę za wysoki standard usługi, bez żadnych poprawek. To była już szósta wizyta, a jest jak zwykle komfortowo i przyjemnie. Polecam serdecznie:)
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