Specialized Medical Center

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Specialized Medical Center

Name: Specialized Medical Center
City Szczecin
province: zachodniopomorskie
telephon: 721 901 500
www: www.HealthPoland.pl
e-mail: serwis@healthpoland.pl
  We speaking: polski     angielski    


We would like to welcome you to our modern Dom Lekarski Medical Center

Our target is to offer high quality, value for money medical treatment in a comfortable environment. We provide exceptional healthcare service in: eye surgery (cataract removal, laser eye treatment) and orthopaedic surgery (shoulder, knee, foot and ankle arthroscopy and knee and hip replacement).

We have been trusted more than 100,000 patients!

Our experienced surgeons also provide a full range of hand surgery as well as ear, nose and throat surgery procedures.

Experienced surgeons, modern management, innovative surgical techniques and medical equipment, and above all, sincere approach to the patient - it's what makes us different.

Our main assets are:

  • highly qualified medical team,

  • state-of-the-art technologies of procedures,

  • advanced medical equipment,

  • good location (close to Berlin, Germany Airports) competitive prices.

Our doctors perform surgery in the field of ophthalmology, orthopedics and hand surgery, otolaryngology and plastic surgery.

Our professional team always makes sure you receive excellent yet affordable medical treatment.

Our resort has been awarded by Germanischer Lloyd Industrial Services Poland Sp. z oo, which awarded us the ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

The patient's welfare is our most important asset.


  • Eye surgery

Dom Lekarski has an extensive experience in ophthalmology, providing full range of eye care services from thorough eye examinations to medical and surgical eye care. The highest standards of eye care have been our ambition from the very beginning, since 2001. Currently Dom Lekarski Medical Center is a leading private provider of ophthalmological services in region.

  • Orthopaedics

Medical Center is the leading private clinic in joints arthroscopy. Is it mainly due to our medical specialists who believe in modern and comprehensive approach to orthopaedics. Dom Lekarski’s surgeons undergo constant training by regular participation in international orthopaedic conferences, they organize trainings and meetings with other orthopaedists and carry out research. In Dom Lekarski specialists work closely together to understand each patient's problems. Patients benefit from the collective experience and wisdom of all specialists: orthopaedic surgeons, physiotherapists and radiologists. All procedures are carried out with the use of modern technologies and top-quality equipment and materials (Smith & Nephew, Stryker, Zimmer and Arthrex). We can ensure the very highest standard of medical care. Hand surgery

  • Hand surgery

Hand surgery is a broad term that incorporates a vast array of different types of surgical techniques: microsurgery, general surgery, orthopaedics, neurosurgery and plastic surgery. MdPhD Ireneusz Walaszek at Dom Lekarski received significant training abroad and is a certified hand surgeon approved by Federation of European Societies for Surgery of the Hand (FEESH), performing procedures in every scope of upper extremity operating treatment. All operations are performed at the highest international standards. The patients are provided with round-the-clock care by the team of qualified and experienced healthcare professionals.

  • Ear, nose & throat surgery (Snoring treatment ,Septoplasty)

  • Dentistry

  • Rehabilitation


Eye surgery

Please keep in mind, that the quotation is only a guide. The actual cost of treatment and length of stay in hospital may differ depending on the presence of any associated condition and will be evaluated individually by the doctor after the initial consultation.

Prices for hospital treatment in Poland are highly competitive, not at the expense of the quality of medical service, but principally due to lower wages and costs of living in Poland.

Prices for surgery in "Dom Lekarski" can be 50% to 80% lower than for corresponding treatment in the western countries!



1. consultation incl. eye examination              120 PLN         28 €        37£        24 $

2. Pre-admission consultations and tests       300 PLN       70 €            60 £          90

3. EBK                                                       2900 PLN     674 €          580 £         880 $                

4. Epi-LASIK                                               2700 PLN      628 €         540 £          818 $    


All prices of procedures are given for one eye.




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Add: 28.05.2014 - 8:10     Author: anton
Krótki okres oczekiwania na zabieg. Miła, profesjonalizm obsługa począwszy od rejestracji i skończywszy na zabiegu.
Szczególną uwagę chciałbym zwrócić na bardzo profesjonalna, delikatną i skuteczną obsługę lekarską przy samym zabiegu.
Szczególne podziękowania dla dr n. med. Andrzeja Lipińskiego
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