Aesthetic Medicine and General Surgery

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Aesthetic Medicine and General Surgery

Name: Aesthetic Medicine and General Surgery
Street ul. Kraszewskiego 83/4
City 05-400 Otwock
province: mazowieckie
telephon: 721 901 500
  We speaking: polski     angielski     niemiecki    


Cryocentre "is a company with tradition. Founded in 1996, as the surgery of the same name. As the company has changed its registered office and expanded the service profile. Since 2010, the "cryocentre" has the status of Private Health Care (NHCC).

Kriocentrum from Telewizja Pixel on Vimeo.


In Cryocentre treatments can be performed in the field of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery.

Dr. Klos and Dr. Batijewski are the aut hors of innovative treatments for hemorrhoids HemoRF radio waves

We offer EVLT laser treatment of varicose veins and radio waves EVRF.

In Cryocentre we have 8 types of liposuction: Water BodyJet, ultrasonic VaserLipo ,NIL ,Rotary liposuction, SmartLipo laser, classical and more.

The current "cryocentre" is a clinic where you will find a well-equipped medical clinics, professional treatment rooms and a cozy and romantic beauty treatments. Active equipped with modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment.


From the beginning, we introduce and apply modern methods of treatment, combining low invasiveness with great efficiency and the best cosmetic result.

As one of the first in Poland started using cryosurgical treatment of varicose veins.

Following the latest developments in medicine, we have added to our range of many new treatments including laser obliteration of varicose veins under ultrasound guidance of vascular spiders and closing with a laser (EVLT) and radio frequency (EVRF).

Also with us in the 90's you could see at that time an innovative method of removing hemorrhoids way Barron. Today thousands of satisfied patients treated in this way.

We are still trying to be a "step forward", including the range of laser treatment of hemorrhoids and radiokoagulację.

Our clinic offers a full range of treatments Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetology.

In this rapidly evolving field success not only depends on continuous learning and mastering new procedures, but mainly from the perfect quality of treatments. It is thanks to the fact that in our clinic are performed by surgeons, you receive the highest quality product.

Our employees are trained and held up their skills in order to best serve you with their expertise, advice and wider understanding.



Liposuction in Poland in 3 days!

Liposuction is a procedure which allows for removing surface or undesirable excess of fat tissue in an effective and irreversible way. The procedure does not serve the purpose of putting down weight but build modelling that is elimination of fat deposits.



Those deposits typically occur in regions like stomach, internal waist and external part of thighs (so-called breeches), internal part of knees, chin and fat gynecomastia among men.

 In our clinic we can offer 8 types of liposuction procedures adjusted individually to our patients’ needs.

SAL – so-called classic liposuction in which cannulas are put in fat tissue, they are connected to a special apparatus that produces sub-zero pressure that allows for suction of damaged fat tissue.


PAL – that is vibration liposuction requires a device that causes the motion of cannula front-back, which facilitates release of fat cells from the neighbouring tissues allowing for their better suction.

LALlaser lipsoction in the first phase of the procedure cannula with laser optical fibre is put in fat tissue. High energy emitted by a laser dissolves the tissue, in addition, it coagulates vessels, which causes smaller injury to a patient. Then, fat dissolved by the laser is sucked. Another benefit of this method is skin tension by heating it with the laser, which is very favourable , in particular, for patients with reduced skin flexibility or its excess.

WAL - Body Jet so-called liposuction supported by water stream. During liposuction with the use of WAL cannula special concentration is put under pressure which releases fat cells from collective tissue saving more fibrous structures (nerves and vessels) at the same time. This substance anaesthetises an operated region and narrows blood vessels to minimise bleeding. It is sucked with undesirable fat cells by the use of the same cannula.

The procedure with the use of WAL method enables transplantation of sucked fat tissue to another region, for instance, to breasts.


NIL – Vibrolipo rotational liposuction. Completely modern method of fat suction that uses a patent of Belgian company. Vibration cannula moves in three planes and emits infrasounds, which causes the release of fat from the neighbouring fibrous-vascular-neural structures. Very effective and hardly invading method.

VASER Lipo® – is an ultrasound liposuction which facilitates effective removal of undesired fat from different body areas. Everyone has areas on his/her body which are more susceptible to fat collection, even at using rigorous diet and exercises. Thanks to VASER Lipo® you can have body you were always dreaming of at short time of convalescence. Another generation of build modelling, VASER Lipo or LipoSelection®, uses ultrasound energy for precise separation of fat tissue from the surrounding tissues.

Dual liposuction



For patients with considerable amount of fat tissue and excessive floppiness of skin. Best effects are gained by the combination of water or rotational method and laser action.

Thanks to WAL or NIL we remove fat tissue exclusively and laser causes skin tension functioning in surface layer.

Type of method is selected during consultancy taking into account case study, patient’s preferences and above all, final procedure effect.




Step one: Qualification for a procedure

To qualify for a procedure you need to send us your photos (without face) of the area or areas in which you want to proceed on. You can ask questions about the treatment. Basing on photos our doctor will express his opinion on possibilities of the procedure and which of 8 liposuction types would be the best for you.

If you make up your mind that you want to have the procedure than in next mail you wil get pre- and postprocedure recommendations with necessary check-up list.If you have any trouble making tests in your country you can have them done here before the procedure.

Step two: Journey, airport, hotel (first day of stay)

We ensure recieving the patient from the airport, transport to the hotel and clinic. Nearby (400 meters) there is modern and comfortable hotel which our clinic cooperates with.


Step three: Procedure

Depending on earlier establishment with the patient, the liposuction procedure can be performed during the first or the second day of stay. Afterwards patient will be given special compressive clothing and meds. About an hour after the procedure itself patient can leave the clinic and they will be transported to the hotel. During stay in the hotel patient is in constant contact with the doctor (also during the night).

The day after the procedure patient will be transported to the clinic for clothings change and if there are no others contraindications and patient feels healthy enough they can go back home the same day.

We recommend to stay in the hotel at least for one more day to recover so the return journey is easier and more comfortable.


Procedure Description Price in PLN  €
Surgical consultancy 80,00  20
Dermatological Consultancy 80,00  
Aesthetic Consultancy free of charge  
Stomach 5500,00  1400
Waist 4000,00  1000
Internal thighs 4000,00  
External thighs 4500,00  1150
Knees 3000,00  750
Back 3500,00  900
Arms 3000,00  
Fat gynecomastia 3500,00  
Chin 2000,00  500
Chin+so-called hamsters 3000,00  
Additionally, laser after procedure 500,00  125
Fat tissue transplantation to breasts 3000,00  
Intravenous anaesthesia (sedation+analgesia) 600,00  150
Breasts enlargement 2x100ml 8900,00  2250
Each additional procedure 10ml 400,00  100
Lower limbs varices operation    
EVLT-laser endovascular varices removal    
1 limb 2700,00  700
2 limbs 5000,00  1300
EVRF-endovascular varices removal with the use of radio waves    
1 limb 2700,00  
2 limbs 5000,00  
Anaesthetist-intravenous anaesthesia (sedation + analgesia)    
1 limb 300,00  
2 limbs 600,00  



Belly - 1100 GBP

Waist - 805 GBP

Internal thighs - 805 GBP

External thighs - 905 GBP

Knees - 605 GBP

Back - 705

GBP Arms - 605 GBP

Gynecomastia - 705 GBP

Chin - 405 GBP

Chin+hamsters - 605 GBP

Beauli - breasts enlargement with own fat 605 GBP + cost of given liposuction




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Z przyjemnoscia moge polecic dr Kłosa rewelacyjnie operuje
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