Cardiology Poland

Cardiology is a branch of medicine dealing with diseases and defects of the cardiovascular system (heart, aorta and small blood vessels), their diagnosis and treatment.

Cardiology focuses not only on congenital and acquired heart disease, but also deals with blood vessels. In the interests of cardiologists is so full and so the circulatory system. cardiovascular diseases (cardiovascular diseases called) including, among others hypertension.

For special tasks and methods of cardiac include: identification and investigation of congenital and acquired heart disease the circulatory system, blood vessels and heart muscle support and maintenance during the rehabilitation of patients with diseases of the heart and circulatory system and socio-medical professional to evaluate their resistance;

Primary intensive care, cardiac examination with ultrasound (eg, echocardiography);

Diagnostic cardiac catheterization including with angiography, together with other disciplines to establish guidelines for interdisciplinary treatment and assessment processes nuklearno-medical research and surgical treatments

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