Fertility clinics in Poland

Fertility treatment is the lack of the capability of becoming pregnant, despite regular sexual intercourse without contraception. Infertility affects about 30% of couples in Poland. Infertility is reversible and the same cause can be diagnosed.

Diagnosis affects women and men. Treatment depends on the test results and overall health.

Depending on the disorder, some of them only require medication and efforts to stimulate the child quite quickly bring the desired effect. Other diseases while longer require long-term treatment. Then the physician selects the appropriate means and methods of treatment that allow a woman to become pregnant.

How do we know, according to research, only 25% of couples do not find any factors that might indicate a cause of infertility. Clinics in vitro in Poland:

Fertility clinics are staffed medical clinics that assist couples, and sometimes individuals, who want to become parents but for medical reasons have been unable to achieve this goal via the natural course.

Clinics apply a number of diagnosis tests and sometimes very advanced medical treatments to obtain the desired conceptions and pregnancies

Treatment may include ovulation induction, surgical interventions, intrauterine insemination, in vitro fertilization

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