Rehabilitation Poland

Rehabilitation specialized in healthcare and is dedicated to improving, maintaining or restoring physical strength, cognition and mobility with maximized results.


Physical therapists and other experienced rehabilitation professionals in our Clinic help restore movement and function to people disabled by disease or patients after orthopedic surgery.

They work closely together with attending physician.

Personalized post-operative rehabilitation is crucial for fast recovery and it must be stressed that a proper rehabilitation contributes to full recovery almost equally as a successful surgery.

In our Medical Center therapeutic methods are chosen and fit individually after a thorough analysis of pain causes. Our physiotherapists determine biological mechanism of pain and suggest effective therapy to each patient.


We use modern technology specially designed to evaluate recovery progress objectively, support rehabilitation schedule and improve outcomes.

Therapeutic method we use:

  • PNF, Manual Therapy, Cyriax, OMT Kaltenborn-Evjenth Concept, FMS, Kinesiotaping, Biomechanical Evaluation, Mulligan, McKenzie, Analiza biomechaniczna, Respiratory Training - Spirotiger, Cryotherapy, Izokinetic Training, Biodex Balans and others.


We specialize in the rehabilitation of patients with sports related traumas and those who have undergone orthopedic surgeries.

Our patients carefully follow their postoperative rehabilitation program of minimal range of motion (ROM) restrictions with immediate muscle activation following surgery.




Traditionally, the rehabilitation was very slow, with activities restricted for many days or even months after surgery. More recently, a faster rehab has been attempted and our specialists practice this approach. First exercises should be started within days or hours, in some cases, following surgery.


Our physical therapists support many local sport clubs, including leading soccer and basketball teams in region. They have also experience in neurological and pediatric rehabilitation. Rehabilitation plays an important role in the patient's ability to achieve full recovery. In our Clinic you are in good hands.



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